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Welcome New Palir Artist – Dana Potvin
Songwriter and Frontman for the Grammy Nominated CCM band “Calling Glory”

Austin Hanks

Austin Hanks penned the first single “Flyin’ High” with Billy Gibbons on the ZZ Top album “LA FUTURA”
Photo credit: Jeremy Ray Valdez

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Photographed: Brett Kingman (Burgs), Sam Neill (Actor)

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Welcome to Palir Guitars.

A desire to answer an artist’s need for a complimentary instrument birthed Palir Guitars. Each instrument is inspired by vintage designs of the vintage era. The look, feel and killer tone of the master craftsmen are the ideals which Palir Guitars is built upon.

Pro Guitar Shop Review | Palir Classic T

Calling Glory – Heart Beat (Featuring a Palir Classic T)

Premier Guitar Interview – Summer NAMM ’14 – Palir Guitars Classic Paisley T & Porter Pickups T90 Demo

Ed Kowalczyk “Lightning Crashes” Zak Loy Playing a Modified Classic T

Summer NAMM 2014 Palir Guitars

Apple Tree with The Wampler : LATITUDE TREMOLO DELUXE

Billy Gibbons Playing a Classic T at the Piano Bar with Autsin Hanks

Zak Loy Model T Sound Clip

Palir Classic T – Demo by TJ Scarlett

Sadie and Burgs: Palir, Porter & Kingman Apple Tree

Palir Guitars and Porter Pickups : DC Special

Palir Guitars Model JM Custom Guitar Guitar Showcase by Eric Rosario

Palir Classic T Thinline Demo-Ryan Carraher

Palir Guitars: Palir Jr Special

Palir Guitars Demo by Andrew “Hacksaw” Harney

Palir Guitar Review by Karl Younger

My story begins like most other guitar nuts who are looking for something unique and different. I came accross John’s website during my quest in the search…

Don Wiggins

Earlier this year I came across the Palir Guitar website while searching out ‘relic’ guitar builders. I was instantly drawn in by the uniqueness of the guitar…

Damon A. Trahan

The guitar is a thing of beauty, and sounds and plays perfect. Very resonant body, and beautiful aging! I will spread the word about your guitars…

Bjørn Harald Kvarsvik


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