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Demos Below

Click here to watch the entire Official Palir Guitar YouTube Playlist. We are always adding to this Playlist as videos surface online. At our last count we have added about 30 on to the playlist.

Palir Guitar – Demos


Video Demo - Andy from Pro Guitar Shop - Apple Tree


Video Demo - Brett Burgs Kingman - Apple Tree


Video Demo - Brett Burgs Kingman - Apple Tree

Video Demo - Tony Savarino - The Music Emporium

Video Demo - Ryan Carraher - Skinny Titan

Video Demo - Lance Keltner - Paisley Titan

Official: YouTube PlayList for Palir Guitars (Over 30 videos and counting)

Video Demo - TJ Scarlett - Titan

Video Demo - Curtis Kent - Stinger

Video Demo - TJ Scarlett - Titan


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