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A little about us…

Our main focus is to provide a nicely worn in instrument with unmatched comfort, tone and playability.

Palir Guitars was established in 2009.  We are family owned and operated based out of South Louisiana.

Often, I wonder if we settle for the norm a little too much in life. Why not experience  art, expression, or just something different? In school I was often looked at for being “different” (more times than I would like to remember). I was the quiet type and I was always in thinking mode. When the opportunity came up to paint, draw, write a story or show imagination… That was my playing field and that is where I shined the most!

I wish to display those same creative thoughts to the guitars I build. Something different, Something new and Something with a bit of character. As Palir Guitars continues to grow I wish to create new finishes over vintage inspired designs as well as new concepts.

Thank you for stopping in and checking out Palir Guitars. I hope you find what you are looking for and don’t forget we are a full custom shop. We would love to hear your ideas. Head on over to the Custom Form and send us your thoughts. ” 

John Palir


All of our guitars are handcrafted and custom made in the USA!

My story begins like most other guitar nuts who are looking for something unique and different. I came accross John’s website during my quest in the search…

Don Wiggins

Earlier this year I came across the Palir Guitar website while searching out ‘relic’ guitar builders. I was instantly drawn in by the uniqueness of the guitar…

Damon A. Trahan

The guitar is a thing of beauty, and sounds and plays perfect. Very resonant body, and beautiful aging! I will spread the word about your guitars…

Bjørn Harald Kvarsvik


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