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A little about us…

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 A little about us…

Palir® Guitars is a small, Louisiana business owned and operated full-time by husband and wife John & Katie Palir. Our focus is to provide a nicely worn-in, eye catching instrument with unmatched comfort, tone and playability.  When someone plays a Palir® Guitar, they often are immediately drawn in by the comfort and smoothness of our necks, as well as the clarity of our carefully selected pickups and overall sustain of the guitar. Out of our dislike for sticky necks, we have a special “secret sauce” for aging our necks to make them smooth and comfortable as possible. We would like to think of this very labor intensive process as our very own “Holy Grail” tweaked and modified over the course of 8+ years  (since the very early stages of Palir® Guitars).


The Journey:

In early 2009, I started taking on small guitar projects after I would come home from my day job. I became very interested in aging guitar parts, aging necks, and in the end creating something that had hint of art to it. Before long, my work was selling in the form of aged guitar parts, kits, and full guitars with no name.

(Summer Namm 2018)

In 2012, I decided to build complete guitars under my own name.

In 2014, I was able to go full-time building guitars. It was that year, a friend pushed me out of my comfort zone and suggested I should exhibit for the first time at Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN. It was a simple…why not? I was scared, nervous, and wondered if anyone one would even look at the guitars, much less stop by the booth to play them or like them. I am thankful that I was able to push past the fear of the unknown and set up that year at our first trade show. It has been a great avenue to connect with a variety of guitar players, professional artist, retail store owners, other guitar builders, as well as a wide range business owners in the Music Industry.

(Summer Namm 2018)


Summer NAMM 2015 – Nashville, TN – Our Second Year

Fast forward to 2017, and Palir® Guitars has continued to grow. We have also started to expand into boutique retail shops and opened up the door for a handful of Authorized Dealers. We are now seeking new relationships across the globe to expand our growing dealer network (click here to apply to become an authorized dealer today).

There have been a lot of ups, downs, and extreme challenges along the way.

We are VERY thankful to be able to do what we do.

“Thank you for stopping in and checking out Palir® Guitars. I hope you found what you are looking for and maybe a little something you didn’t know you needed. We would love to hear your ideas. Head on over to the Custom Form and send us your thoughts. ” 

John Palir


Building Palir™ Guitars since 2012 – Experimenting in Creativity since Childhood.


untitled (5 of 22)Genesis

One of my biggest memories to date

was when one of my earlier guitars built for Austin Hanks unexpectedly landed in the hands of

Billy F. Gibbons. 


His 2 word review – Swamp Righteous!!!

(Austin Hanks and Billy F. Gibbons pictured above. B.F.G. is playing that guitar in this picture.)