We have provided these FAQ’s to better assist with general questions.


1.  Where is my order? What is the Status of my order? Can I make changes?

Once each build has an estimated 90 days remaining,  a notification will be sent by email to each individual or store.  Lead-times estimate at 10 months, but a build can take longer due to unforeseen circumstances such as life events, personal surgery, back ordered parts, trade shows, weather (hurricanes), etc… If you are in a rush we recommend buying available stock from anyone of our dealers.

Changes can not be made after an order is placed after 30 days or after the build has been complete.

2. Can I buy Direct?

Yes. You may also visit the dealer tab and see our list of authorized dealers and check for available inventory without the wait time for a direct order.

3. I like your aging style and materials. Do you offer aging services? Can I buy parts? Can I buy that crazy looking pickguard I keep seeing over and over?

We build full guitars and do not offer aging services or parts.

4. Can I get a guitar that is non- aged?

We build aged guitars and do not offer non-aged models. This is what we love to do and what we are the most passionate about.

5. Can I visit your location? Where can I demo your guitars?

We are closed to the public and do not offer a showroom. Palir Guitars is located on private property. If you are close to the area, we would love to meet up if our current work load allows us to be free to discuss your custom build in a public setting.

We attend the Summer NAMM trade show in Nashville, TN once a year. This is our chance to let the industry and public a like demo our guitars as well as meet us in person. For more information please visit the NAMM website.

We also encourage you to reach out to our dealer network and set up an appointment to demo any stock on hand from a dealer.

 6. What is your shops lead time?

10 Months (This is strictly an estimate only and can change at anytime)

We have a list of dealers who usually have stock ready to go.


Please do not place a custom order if you are in need of something quick or in any rush.

I know you will be excited and anxious to see your guitar. Due to the number of custom orders we not able to provide updates or photos throughout each custom build. We are a very small crew. Your patience is appreciated. We do post pictures to our social media accounts most weeks. Yours just may be in one.

7. I sent an email in, but have not received a response.

Although we would love to chat with everyone, we are not able answer every email that comes in and have done our best to offer a FAQ’s (frequently asked question’s) list to expedite emails.

Please read over our FAQ list and policies for your questions.

8.  I do not like the way my guitar is setup.

What should I do? First read over our “other info, setups, tips, and advice” tab.

“Factory setup is to industry specs, our best judgement, and personal preferences based on the model and string gauge installed. We guarantee a beautifully made, responsive and fully adjustable instrument for you. Any further adjustments to the player’s preferences are up to you, and we encourage our customers to find capable local techs to help ensure a lifetime of quality maintenance and playability. Depending on your playing style and technique you may experience the vibration of the strings over your frets. This is not a defect and will not carry over to your amp. We will not swap necks out, change frets sizes, carve your existing neck to a new profile etc…”

9. Unclaimed Guitars

All guitars are held for 30 days from the time of email notification to the original owner. If they are unclaimed, they will be listed for sale when the 30 days have past. A new order and new deposit will need to be made once 30 days have pasted.

10.  Can I have a traditional headstock? Can you apply another logo from another company?

All Palir Guitars are built with our signature designed headstocks with the USA Registered Trademarked Palir logo. We do not offer traditional headstocks. We do not have another design. We do not apply any logos other than our own trademarked Palir logo.

11. Do you sell Paisley paper or Paisley bodies?

Our signature paisley design was created by us to use exclusively on our guitars.  We do not sell parts or paper.

12. How many color designs are offered on your Paisley designs?

Currently, Black, Red, and Pelham Blue. We can make most basic colors. Just let us know what you are after.

13.  Do you make left-handed guitars?

We do not offer left-handed guitars. Much of what we do is by feel and sound. Everyone on our small crew is right- handed.

14.  Do you accept trade-ins? What are you looking for in a trade?

We rarely take trades, but let us know. We will take a look!

15. How do I order a custom guitar?

Submit a custom order form located one the top of the webpage tabs. We will reply with in 72 hours with a quote and more information to get started.

16. Can I call and speak to someone?

You may call the office at 337-888-1630. We are a very small crew. If we miss your call, we return calls as we are able. We would love nothing more than to chat with everyone and get to know each of you better. More than likely we will still need to communicate via email  for our own record keeping. It is much easier to recall an email than a phone conversation. It also helps us keep legal written documentation to refer to if needed for us and the clients reference. An email is something we sometimes process between 11pm-2am when production is closed for the day. This is not a convenient time for us to call you. In some cases we may take 7-14 business days to return a call depending on what part of production the shop is in. It is not our intentions to keep our business model this way forever, but it is how we are currently setup due to having such a small crew.

We do not keep email access or phone lines in the production area. This helps us stay completely focused on production.

17. Can I trade my current Palir Guitar(s) in for new Palir Guitar(s).

We do not offer a “buy back” program or “trade-in credit” on our models.

18. I see you offer many models. Will you ever offer a unique design?

Yes. We released the Genesis model in 2015 at Summer NAMM. We plan to add new models as time allows.

19. Are your guitars handmade or made by CNC?

We recently purchased a Stinger III SR-48 with a 4′ x 10′ table from Camaster and modified it with a few upgrades. If you are looking into buying your own CNC this is a high class company with stellar company support. You should not buy one without looking here first. All of our guitars are made by CNC. Parts coming off a CNC are rough cut and still need A LOT of additional hand work, shaping and fitting. In no way does a CNC build a guitar. For us it is another way to have a second pair of hands working (while helping to protect ours) without hiring an additional employees who can call in sick, have lack of motivation, or only work 7-8 hours a day etc… It also allows us to test new ideas right here in house and see them before wasting valuable material on concept models or ideas.

From time to time we may use the help of other local wood workers and local shops with our wood sourcing and software design.


20. Do you ever plan to expand your business into an “open to the public” setting.

That is a great question.  We did for 1 year in 2017. A few people stopped in, but it was hard to balance production and visiting. So we are keeping our business model on Private Property again. This helps us stay focused on our building and keeping our lead-times down as best as possible.

21. How many employees do you have?

Palir Guitars is run fully by John and Katie Palir with no other employees.


22. Do you offer neck replacement, neck reshaping, or body refinishing to current Palir Guitars?

We do not offer this service. ___________________________________________________________________________________

23. By using this site you agree to ALL terms and conditions listed over the website. If you have ordered a custom guitar from us you have done your complete due diligence and read over all materials on this website.

24. For other information make sure to visit our warranty and maintenance,  Other info, setups, tips, and advice tabs. We will continue to update this section as new questions come in. Thank you for taking the time to read over our FAQ section.


We usually setup every electric guitar with Elixir Nanoweb .010-.046 strings and every bass guitar with Elixir Nanoweb  .045-.100 String. On rare occasions we may use a different gauges. We will only use Elixir’s and will not install a string of choice.



Most tuning issues can start with a nut that has been improperly cut and/or not lubricated. Tension can build up between the nut and tuner and then the nut and bridge causing two different tension levels on the string. One way to check this is to tune you guitar. Press down on the strings between the nut and tuners and see if the tuning stays the same. If it doesn’t you may need to lubricate the nut or seek additional help from a tech for additional adjustment to the nut. If you have changed gauges of string this could be a reason for tuning issues as well since the guitar was setup with another gauge. If you have tuning issues it is usually not the tuners fault. Usually locking or heavier tuners do very little for the instrument and can weight your guitar down more. Light tuners have been proven make an instrument more resonate.

Intonation – Setups


“Factory setup is to industry specs, our best judgement, and personal preferences based on the model and string gauge installed. We guarantee a beautifully made, responsive and fully adjustable instrument for you. If you play off center (meaning your fingers fall somewhere other than in the center of the frets) have a light touch, heavy touch you may experience your notes are sharp or flat. Any further adjustments to the player’s preferences are up to you, and we encourage our customers to find capable local techs to help ensure a lifetime of quality maintenance and playability. Depending on your playing style and technique you may experience the vibration of the strings over your frets. This is not a defect and will not carry over to your amp. We will not swap necks out, change frets sizes, carve your existing neck to a new profile etc…”


Our nut slots are slightly angled downward on the tuner side to add a little fall away. This provides a good path that helps prevent slack storage.  There will be a little more fret rattle in the open strings, but no more than you would have on any fretted string. Our ears have been trained to here no fret rattle over time due to high cut nuts. The fret rattle you make hear on our guitars is on acoustically and will not transfer to your amp.

Neck Shift

With bolt on necks you may experience neck shift. One day you may notice your strings are closer to one side of the fret board than the other. Simply loosen the neck bolts on the neck and align it correctly again. Then tighten the bolts well. This is a common adjustment for all bolt on necks.

Truss Rods


All Palir Guitars are setup with slight relief (back bow) on the fret board. This can be up to a players preference as well. We recommend seeking capable techs in your area to help coach you with setup depending on our playing style.

For Example: An aggressive player my need a little more relief to help eliminate fret buzz/rattle.


We set the action so you can bend a minor 3rd on the high E string without fretting out. We set our constant string radius off the high E string. Again, if you are having an issue in this area… we recommend seeking capable techs in your area to help coach you with setup depending on our playing style.

Pickup Height Adjustment

This is another area than can be specific to each players ear, needs and style of playing. We adjust each pickup to a medium height. Traditionally the Low E side should be a little Lower than the Hi E side leaving the treble side higher to the strings. Personal adjustment will not void your warranty but, be careful when adjusting. Make sure that your strings are not too close to the pickup magnets and causing intonation issues.

Sharp Fret Edges


Our necks have no sealer to allow for prime tone and performance from the neck. We use nitrocellulose finish, most of which is removed during cosmetic aging to allow for a very slick, fast and breathable neck. Over time this can allow the neck to change in moisture content slightly. This little bit of change is completely normal. On an extremely tiny scale this can allow the wood to get smaller and the metal frets to stay the same size. This means a very small edge of the fret may stick out. This is easy remedied by the following process. Sand the fret edges with 600 sandpaper and touch up with 000 steel wool. This may need to be done 2 or 3 times over the life of the guitar, but once your neck has lost the maximum moisture, it will not happen again. We are happy to perform the sanding and re-buffing to the edges of the neck as a warranty fix in the first year to the original owner per warranty terms provided to our guitars. Please read over our warranty located in the other info tab. Again, this is not a defect.

Scratchy Pots and Switches


If experience this pickup some electronic spray cleaner.  Spray into the little holes near the solder posts on the pots, and the contacts on the switch. Move all the part back and forth. Repeat as needed. This will not void your warranty.

Pickgaurd Static Build Up


Sometimes with a brand new guitar or brand new pickguard there can be an annoying crackling sound from a static charge that builds up between the guitar body and pickguard for one reason or another. Sometimes you can simply rub you hand or pick on the guard and hear it. To reduce this follow these instructions. Take a scotch brite pad or some 320 grit sand paper and sand the under side of your pickguard. Make sure when you are done you have dulled the entire back or under side of your pickgurd. Follow up with rubbing a dry sheet on the under side of the guard as well as the area of the body the comes in contact with the flat pickgaurd. This will not void your warranty.

Another area to check is between your pickup pole pieces and your strings. Make sure your pole pieces have not picked up any foreign metal fragments. On occasion a foreign piece of metal can become attached to your pole pieces and touch your string while playing.  Sometimes it can be so small it is extremely hard to see. Clean each pole piece with a damp q-tip. Then follow up with a dry q-tip. Use one q-tip per pole to eliminate moving any tiny metal fragment to another pole piece.


We shim almost every neck. We want to achieve the best angle over the bridge saddles. This also increases tension, sustain, and gives us the ability to get most of the saddle adjustment screws below the bridge surface. This makes the guitar more comfortable for those who rest their hand on the bridge eliminating the adjustment screws from sticking up too far.  If you do not want the shim in place, remove it and lower the bridge saddles. Once your reset the guitar up you may notice that it does not sound or feel as. Simply replace the shim and get back to playing!

General Care of Your Guitar


For the first few months as nitrocellulose continues curing, special care should be taken on the newly lacquered surface. Our finishes are super thin and should be handled with the best possible. DO NOT use anything abrasive. Non-abrasive brand name guitar polish with a soft cloth such as diaper or similar soft fabric should be used. Tuning will be greatly improved if the nut slots are lubricated. Re-lubricate every time you install new strings.

Other Information


For other information be sure to visit our warranty and maintenance/FAQ tabs.



Palir Guitars will perform standard adjustments on all Instruments (i.e. neck, bridge, truss rod, pickup balancing and
intonation) at no charge for 1 year from the purchase date. Insured shipping is required to and from Palir Guitars and  is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We are not responsible for damage while you guitar is in transit to us. Please package with care.


Palir Guitars provides a Non-Transferable 1 Year Warranty to the original owner for 1 Year from the completion date.

Your new instrument is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase subject to the limitations contained in this warranty. If at any time this instrument malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, Palir Guitars will repair the defect(s) or replace the instrument, as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. Palir Guitars reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available. This warranty covers the cost of both labor and materials on any repair deemed necessary by Palir Guitars. Insured shipping to and from Palir Guitars is the sole responsibility of the buyer. A copy of the certificate of authenticity will need to be provided upon any warranty or maintenance request. If a problem is found. The said instrument should be forwarded back into Palir Guitars for adjustments/repairs and not other business unless recommended by Palir Guitars.

This warranty is VOID if… and Does Not cover…

* Unauthorized repair services done by any repairman/luthier

* Any instrument where the serial number has been removed or modified.

* Any instrument worked on by the customer

* Any instrument that has be subjected to extremes of humidity and heat or temperature.


* Weather checking repairs if the instrument checks on its own over time. This would be due to temperature changes. It can happen very easy with our thin nitro finished if we have not already educed this for your instrument.


* Any instrument that has been altered in any way by the customer or a repairman/luthier.

* Any instrument not directly purchased from Palir Guitars or an Authorized Dealer.

* Any damage due to accident, negligence or misuse

* Shipping damage of ANY kind.

* Normal “wear and tear,” including but not limited to color fading, discoloration or damage to the original finish, worn frets, worn nut, strings, tuners, hardware and plating including but not limited to gold hardware.

* Any instrument that has be subjected to moisture.


***Our warranty and maintenance lead times run an estimated 90-120 days from the time a guitar has been checked into the shop . This all depends on the job to be complete and can take additional time as this is an estimate only and at Palir Guitars Sole Discretion.***

Return Policy

When you place an order this is a contract for work. Our custom forms require that you sign electronically to submit the form and acknowledging you have read, understand and agree to all terms on the this website including “estimated” lead-times. Understanding “ALL Terms” means “ALL Terms”. You must also agree you understand what model and specs you are purchasing. We give “estimated” delivery times. These times are strictly estimates only.  Sometimes your order can arrive sooner or later than estimated. We are a very small family run shop. Each person holds MANY responsibilities of running a small business. We DO NOT offer refunds or a refund on any deposit (all deposits/payments are non-refundable) on custom orders because they are custom and have custom materials involved tailored to your specific order. We DO NOT offer refunds on stock models. We Do NOT offer refunds on Trade-Ins. You CAN NOT cancel your custom order for refund. Many materials are paid for in advance and placed into holding until you order comes up in rotation. This is what your deposit is for. Your initial payment/trade-in is acceptance of a binding contract to have your work done as stated from your custom order form.  Place EVERYTHING on your form. If it is not on the form… place it in the notes section as this is a contract for work and CAN NOT be changed or added to after your initial deposit.  Your guitar can not be changed after completion unless an item was missed by us from the custom order form contract. Then we will modify per our cost on the next round of building.



(Visit the warranty tab for more in depth detail)

We guarantee our work for 1-Year against defect in material and workmanship.


***For more information please visit our warranty and maintenance, other info, setups, and advice tabs***